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Spring Copenhagen

Woody The Dog Figure

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Spring Copenhagen is a Scandinavian design brand with a simple but clear purpose: Inspire to better everyday living. Our name Spring refers to the season where everything grows, but indeed also to feelings of rejuvenation, renewal and the celebration of ideas coming to life.
Passion is the heart of our company and continuously moving forward, innovating and improving drives us to create well designed interior products that have the ability to grow into new classics, age with grace and last for generations to come.
We believe in great stories, quality and craftsmanship as central strands in our building blocks to meaningful, useful and timeless design. Design that are priced so as many people as possible will be able to afford it.
Our portfolio of accessories, lighting & furniture spans from the 1930’s to present day, crafted by renowned, forgotten, unknown and upcoming designers. 

  • Material: Oak, Walnut, Ash, Cow leather
  • Dimensions: length 9cm, width 4.4cm, height 10.7cm / 0.73kg
  • Care : Clean with a damp cloth.

Spring Copenhagen's Woody The Dog will be your new favorite puppy! He's handcrafted with the highest quality of wooden materials combining oak, walnut and ash. Woody's playful expressiond and cheerful gestures give lovable spirits with a touch of cosiness. Each part is movable so that you can make any gesture you want him to pose