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kuhn Keramik

Small round plate

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  • Each piece is unique due to its handmade quality
  • Plated with real gold
  • Colour may vary slightly from image
  • Not suitable for mircrowave or dishwasher
  • Dimensions d: 14.5cm


Kuhn Keramik ceramic articles are produced in the workshop at Kühn Keramik, Yorckstrasse 18, 10965 Berlin, Germany. Each piece is handmade and, although each one is a beautifully refined piece of work, made with great skill and attention to detail, each piece will retain its hand-made quality. One can occasionally see tool marks, bubbles, marks from the maker. These are inherent in our hand-made pieces and are the reasons, which makes each piece unique.

Please be aware, that there can be colour variations within products and that the colour that you see on your screen may differ from how it appears on the product itself.


* Naturally occurred variation in size, shape, flatness and glaze color is what gives handmade ceramics its unique handcrafted charm.
* Fine bumps, air holes, small bubbles, black spots, or lump of glaze cannot be be the reason for exchange/refund.