About us

The scent of palm trees and flowers.
Slowly elapsing time.
A steady stream of waves on the beach

Coastal Living Lifestyle brand, Les Plages, aims to deliver the balanced emotions of a relaxed, timeless setting of on a serene beachfront and contemporary mood of the city.

Les Plages is a high-end living and lifestyle curation platform showcasing world’s most exclusive living design products.

Founder’ Story

Minjeong is a young woman who was born in Seoul, spent some time in France, and is now based in Singapore. She likes to cook by the window, decorate her living room, and invite her beloved friends and family to her place for relaxing time.

With an eye for haute-design, she naturally became interested in designer living brands, craftmanship, and has also introduced her own selection of home products.

Les Plages’ Heritage

Costal Living Lifestyle Brand, Les Plages, starts from the founder’s beloved memories at a beach in Monaco, Southern France.

Home products from Les Plages made with materials such as, linen, rattan, and natural wood are like icons symbolizing the ocean. Revoking the feeling of one standing on a house next to the coastal beachfront is the eternal inspiration of Les Plages and its philosophy.

Les Plages’ Design

All of the designs from Les Plages’ repertoire are sketched in a way that best expresses the cozy and rich sensibility of coastal living.

Senses of casualness and calamity blended into a contemporary feel, Les Plages curation will seamlessly fit into all the landscapes of your everyday life. The classy and trendy uniqueness will make you have no choice but to love the mood our objects will bring into your space.